• ​26 Federal Plaza

    New York, NY • Property Manager
    41 Stories • 3.2 Million SF Office Space

    ​Located in the heart of Manhattan's civic center, the 41-story, east-facing glass-walled Jacob Javits Federal Building was constructed for the federal government in 1967. The western portion of the complex was originally a window-less wall of exposed concrete, when in 1976 an extension brought offices to that side of the building, creating a zig zag pattern of vertical glass windows to the facade's wall. The building's front boasts a triangular plaza with an eight-story Customs Courthouse. In total, the complex is approximately 3.2M SF.
    LCOR began providing building operations and maintenance services in December, 2010 with an on-site staff of approximately 50 people, after being awarded the project by the General Services Administration in a competitive bid process, We continue to manage the project.